Last updated: Mar 11 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

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Install Errors

This mod is designed for the official Mojang game and launcher. There is no guarantee it will work with any third-party launchers, as we do not have support for them.
You must have a Java Runtime Environment for the installer to run properly. This JRE should also be version 8—not—11, as 11 will break it.

The file appears as a .zip?

This is typically caused by an error reading the file type in the browser Firefox. Use a different browser such as Chrome or Edge to download instead.

The file shows a Winrar icon? (Or other icons)

Make sure that you have a Java Runtime Environment(version 8) installed on your pc. If you don't have it, download and install here.
If you do have a Java jre installed on your PC, simple right click the Aristois_Installer.jar, click "Open with", and then choose "Java(TM) Platform SE Binary"

Black box appears for a second while installing?

Click here to view an alternate installation method to fix this issue.

Getting low FPS?

This can be caused by a number of different things. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no 100% way to fix lag on your build. Make sure that your graphics drivers are updated and that you can run vanilla mc fine before pinpointing Aristois as the cause. Aristois is not 100% optimised and a full overhaul is planned for the future.
Below are some things you can try to help improve your FPS with the client.

1. Allocate more RAM to Minecraft: While this isn't the case for everyone, your game may run out of allocated space, causing the game to slow down.
2. Lower your render distance: Permanently making it smaller helps the game load less chunks at once. Some users report simply lowering the distance and returning it to normal fixes their FPS issues.
3. Enable VSync
4. Use fast graphic settings: While it's not ideal, faster settings give better frames.
5. Disable mods such as HUD, BetterNameTags, BlockESP, ESP, etc: These mods are known to cause lag for some users.


Aristois settings keep resetting?

This is caused by a corrupted config. To fix this, first close out of minecraft, then go into your .minecraft folder. Then, go to libraries/EMC/(mc version)/configs. Delete the file called Aristois_config.json and start Minecraft again.

Screen is black?

This is due to a rendering bug with OptiFine. Reset your video settings to fix it. Press Esc, then go to Options > Video Settings > Other and press Reset on the bottom.

ESP is solid white?

This is caused by Fast Render. To disable Fast Render, press Esc, go to Options > Video Settings > Performance and switch it to OFF. If this does not work, reset your video settings, as explained above in Screen is black?

Failed to download OptiFine error when launching?

1. Go to OptiFine's website
2. Download the exact version that the installer states is missing.
3. After downloading, run the OptiFine installer and install.
4. When it's finished installing, close the Minecraft launcher and re-open it, then press "PLAY" again.

What are the IDs for XRay, ESP, etc?

In 1.13+ Minecraft numerical IDs are no longer supported, so you must type the alphabetical IDs. This website has a searchable list of IDs that you can use, as long as you use the Minecraft Id Name, and NOT the numbers. Capital letters are also not allowed. (Ex: diamond ore is diamond_ore)

Can't find a mod?

Make sure that the Aristois build you are on contains the feature you are trying to find. For example: the new .cbook command is only on 1.13.2 builds and later.
Note that you can scroll in the tabs of the GUI.
If you still cannot find the mod that you are looking for, make sure to leave a suggestion in our Discord.

Can't find the Minecraft version you want?

Aristois is currently available for versions 1.11.2-1.13.2.
The latest installer on the download page contains versions 1.12.2-1.13.2, while legacy builds are located here.

What is cbook/How do I use cbook?

.cbook is a command added in build 229 of Aristois that allows you to create random books that will overload a chunk. This is used in a popular dupe.
There are several youtube videos explaining how this dupe works, and there is an official Aristois tutorial here.
Note: This dupe has been patched on Paper Spigot servers and will not work.

How to use the mod

The default key to open the GUI is right shift. This can be changed by typing .setbind gui. Right clicking the tabs in the GUI will open them.
Please note that you can scroll in the GUI tabs.
The tabgui (menu in the top left corner) is controlled with the arrow keys.
Typing .help in game will provide a list of possible commands.
Feel free to ask questions in the IRC.


What is it?

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a server-independent chat integrated into Aristois. It allows users to chat across all minecraft servers. Players without Aristois cannot see this chat, and it does not appear in server logs or personal logs.

How do I talk in the IRC?

After first loading the client, you must accept the rules of the IRC by typing .rules. Typing this means that you acknowledge the rules and accept any consequences that follow for breaking the rules.
To type in the IRC, place a pound sign (#) before your message. Ex: (# Hello everyone)

How do I turn the chat off?

Typing .t irc-mute into Minecraft's chat will toggle the chat off. Typing it again will turn it back on. You can also find it in the GUI under "Other".

Why are the names cut/Why are there ^^^^^'s?

These are placed to censor a part of your Minecraft name to protect you from server admins potentially spam-banning users in the IRC. To further censor you, when you use the alt manager, your IRC censor will remain the same, making it impossible to detect your name from inside the IRC. Not even Aristois staff members can see your full Minecraft name.


What are the extra 17 donor features?

Visit our donate page here to view the donor perks.

How do I download the donor version?

Once you've donated, you want to log in to our website here.
Type .login in-game to log in directly, or type .auth to manually enter a code.
After logged in, go to the download page and download the donor version.
Now open Vanilla Minecraft—NOT Aristois. If you run Aristois, the mod will not install properly. Run the installer, and it will ask you for another auth code.
Join with vanilla Minecraft to get one, then install normally.

How can I get the Discord donor role?

To get the donor role in our Discord, either type .auth in-game, or join the Minecraft server to get an auth code.
Then, Private Message the Aristois bot (@Aristois#8522) with the message !donor <auth code> (Ex: !donor 123456)