Download Aristois

Easy and elegant installation with an all-in-one installer; seamless updates from within Minecraft.

Works with Java 8 and up.

Installation — Minecraft 1.8.9 through 1.21

The easiest way to get going with Aristois - the automated installer. Choose between different launchers, such as the vanilla launcher or MultiMC/Prism. Forge available for select versions.

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The source code can be found at our GitLab.

Installing Aristois using the installer
Installing Aristois using a zip file

Zip file

A bundled zip file containing the Aristois profile, an alternative to the installer.

Simply extract the archive and put the profile in your versions folder.

This will download the normal edition of Aristois.

If you are a donor, please sign in to get the donor edition.