Aristois for Minecraft 1.12.2-1.15.1


Super easy installation with one json file; seamless updates from within Minecraft.

You can donate €8 Euro to get access to over 17 features by clicking here.
All files containing original Minecraft source code have been removed.
The technologies behind Aristois are fully open source; visit our
GitLab repo for the source. See what's new, view the changelogs.
Snapshot builds of Aristois for Minecraft can be found here.

Exclusive Minecraft 1.15.X mods

Aristois for Minecraft 1.15.X includes numerous mods tailored for Minecraft 1.15.X and the new features it brings. Additionallly, the UI of Aristois has been redesigned recently since the last major Minecraft update to give it a fresh new coat of paint and ease of use to make it simple and intuitive to use in-game. What are you waiting for, download the best mod for Minecraft now and enjoy. More features for Aristois 1.15 are in active development right now and will come shortly.

If you like our hard work and want Aristois to stay updated the same day as new Minecraft releases and get more mods yourself, consider donating €8 euros once~

Our Community

Aristois is community-driven, giving you, the user, a say in the mod. Both parties would lose if we only added what we thought was useful, so we aim to take in all suggestions by our users to make it the best. We have one of the friendliest mc modding communites out there; join our Discord and chat with us! We have amazing support which will help you with all your needs and issues with the mod.

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+ Added (Renamed and improved .rotation) .look, does the same as rotation + more
+ Added AutoJump
+ Added .fakechat, lets you fake server chat on client side
* Will not show up in logs nor real server chat
+ Added (Renamed and improved AutoSteal) AutoChest, can now, steal, dump and shows manual steal/dump buttons when chest gui is open
+ Added FishMode, Disables underwater gravity.
+ Added Server TPS and Ping to the HUD
+ Added smooth scrolling in the right shift UI
+ Added opacity to the right shift UI
+ Added RGB Alpha Slider to Gui
+ Added glide speed option

+ Improved Annoy to now also have custom chat splitter
+ Improved AutoFishing, should now change to new rod if old one breaks
+ Improved Scaffold, settings added, will fetch block automatically from hotbar
+ Improved Flight AnitKick bypass, now has bunch of cool settings for bypass
+ Improved .server command, can now leave/reconnect to server
* Reconnect only works on actual servers

+ Fixed RainbowEnchant
+ Hide fabric data from servers
+ General bug fixes

Special thanks to CDAGaming and Indrit
+ Improved ScaffoldWalk (Also added Bypass mode)
+ Allow changing the weapon in MurderMysteries
+ ActiveMods now display mod modes
+ Fixed render bug with .scale set
+ General bug fixes
+ Fixed AntiBot crashing
+ Bug fixes
+ Fixed crashes and Aristois not loading
+ Bug fixes
+ Added AntiKick mode for Flight
+ Bug fixes
+ Fixed keybind not showing up in the UI
+ Added .fabritone command [Full UI coming shortly]
+ Fix bug with old addon mods still being installed
+ Bug fixes