Aristois for Minecraft 1.12.2-1.14.2


Super easy installation with one json file, seamless updates from within Minecraft.

You can donate €8 Euro to get access to over 13 mods by clicking here.
Legacy builds of Aristois (Minecraft 1.11.2-1.12.1) can be found here.
All files containing original Minecraft source code have been removed.
The technologies behind Aristois are fully open source, visit our
GitLab repo for the source. See what's new, view the changelogs

Our Community

Aristois is a community-driven mod, which means you as user have a say in what goes into the mod. Both parties would lose if we only added what we thought was useful, so we aim to develop this mod and take in all suggestions by our community to make it the best. We have one of the friendliest mc modding communites out there; join our Discord and chat with us, leave feedback, etc. Make sure to also follow us on social media for the latest news about what's happening with the mod. We have amazing support who will help you with all your needs and issues with the mod.

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+ Improved SuperReach
+ Bug fixes
+ [DonorMod] Updated SuperReach for 1.14+
+ [DonorMod] Added AntiBot
+ Added AntiAFK
+ Bug fixes
+ [New mod] AntiBerryBush - Prevents damage
+ Added BerryBush to AntiSlowness
+ Added Crossbow to Trajectories
+ Added Crossbow to BowAimbot
+ Added links to block names
+ Added barrels to ESP and Tracer
+ Changed the color of Aristois chat output
+ Fixed the HostileOnly option in CombatSettings
+ Fixed AntiKnockback interfering with fishing rods
+ Fixed Fullbright after restart
+ Added warnings to NoSaddle and NoFall
+ Updated mod description for Anti-Hunger
+ Bug fixes
+ Added support for OptiFine using the marketplace
+ Added support for Minecraft 1.14.2
+ Fixed MCLeaks crashing
+ Added block id instructions
+ Bug fixes
+ Fixed XRay darkness
+ Fixed Fullbright not turning off
+ Fixed Blink
+ Killaura reach distance now syncs with the reach mod
+ Bug fixes
+ Fixed Alt Manager password box
+ Fixed list crashes
+ Fixed ctrl+a crash in textboxes
+ Fixed aristois options button placement
+ Fixed chat overlay
+ Bug fixes