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Lifetime Updates

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Premium Support

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Perks & Features

Anti Bot

Get rid of pesky invisible bots flying around you trying to detect auras.

Anti Hunger

Move around for longer without losing as much hunger.

Anti Projectile

Automatically avoids being hit by projectiles.

Better Entity Ride

Ride on entities without having a saddle.

Cave Finder

Explore the world beneath you without digging.

Click TP

Teleport to the location you clicked.

Ghost Mode

Walk around and explore after you're dead.

Multi Aura

Attack all entities around you, simultaneously.

No Clip

Clip through walls and floors.

Ping Spoof

Spoof your ping to the server.

Super Aura

Attack all entities in a very large radius.

Super Reach

State-of-the-art reach allowing you to hit entities 60+ blocks away.

Teleport Aura

Teleport around entities whilst attacking them.

VClip & HClip

Teleport through blocks vertically or horizontally.

Deadmau5 Ears

Wear the same ears in-game that Deadmau5 does.

GIF Background

Set the main menu background to any GIF you want.

Guilded Role

Get exclusive roles in our forum and Guilded with extra permissions.

In-Game Cape

Create your own uniquely designed high definition cape.

IRC Prefix

Set your own prefix in the global Aristois chat to whatever you want.

Saved Alts

Save alts and switch accounts in two clicks.

Aside from the perks, donating helps support the development of Aristois. We really appreciate every donation that we receive, and are forever thankful.