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Why donate?

You can show your support and donate here, those who donate get over 13 more mods for a one time charge of €8. Donating also helps this client grow and stay alive, we really appreciate every euro we receive. Below are some of the mods you get when donating:

  • Better-Entity-Ride – No saddles needed
  • Anti-Hunger – Slows down hunger
  • Super-Reach – Reach further
  • Base-Finder – Find bases
  • Cave-Finder – Find caves and veins of ores
  • Crash-Item – Kick other players
  • Multi-Aura – Attack multiple players at once
  • Teleport-Aura – Teleport around your target
  • No-Clip – Move around in walls and the floor
  • Vertical-Clip – Teleport through the ceiling/floor

Alongside the extra awesome mods you get, you will also receive some other cool perks for supporting us:

  • Discord role – Get an exclusive role in our Discord, with more permissions
  • IRC prefix – Any prefix you want in the IRC chat
  • Awesome cape – Select from a broad selection of capes or make your own
  • Automatic updatesComing soon – Aristois will update itself when a new update is out

And lot's more to come, donating now will give you access to any upcoming future as well, without any additional cost.
So what are you waiting for, show your support and help us out with our goal to become the best all-in-one mod for Minecraft.